There is only one official public helicopter landing site in Torbay located at at Daddyhole Plain, Torquay.

SX926628 - 50.4558° N, 3.5140° W.

Helicopters should approach and take off in a seaward direction. Pilots are requested not to fly over local houses and hotels.

Daddyhole Plain is a public open space and as such pilots must be aware of other users. We will not accept responsibility for the security of the helicopter if left on the ground. A Park Ranger will be made available for security purposes if requested but there will be an additional cost for this at the additional hours rate.

A Park Ranger will be onsite to warn pedestrians and vehicle users of impending landings and take off. Warning signs will be in place.

Notice required

We request that a minimum of 7 days notice be provided to enable us to arrange for a Park Ranger to attend the landing. They will mark the area of landing so the pilot can see the landing site clearly. He will also ensure that members of the public are at a safe distance.

Please note that applications received within 48 hours of the proposed landing time will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances.


  Request a helicopter landing within Torbay

After the landing event you will then receive an invoice by post.

Submission of the application form does not automatically ensure approval of the landing. There are various legal requirements, please contact us for further information.

Helicopter landing fees
Days and times Landing fee for 2 hours Additional hours
Week days 9am to 5pm £89.60 £31.55
Out of hours including 5pm to dusk £127.30 £45.75
Saturday £127.30 £45.75
Sunday £165.65 £63.65


A minimum of 48 hours notice will be required to avoid associated costs. If sufficient notice is not provided, the landing fee may be charged dependent upon the circumstances involved.