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Long term empty property review

What to do if you receive a review letter

Tell Us Once

How we can help you notify organisations of a death.

Ask us to make a payment arrangement

If you want us to consider lower repayments then you will need to complete a financial assessment form.

Examples of who is liable for unoccipied periods

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Upload your documents and evidence

Submit evidence online for your claim.

Single Person Discount (SPD) Review

What to do if you have received a SPD review letter.


Information on how to register a stillbirth.

Tell us about a change

How to tell us about a change in your circumstances which might affect your claim.

Recovery methods we can use

Find out the methods we can use to recover a debt if you have not paid your Council Tax.

Advice for homeowners

Get help and advice if you own your home.

Publication Scheme

Information on what information we will make available, how and when we will do so and whether or not this information will be available free of charge.

Budget setting process

Find out how we set our budget which provides an initial financial plan for the forthcoming year.

Advice for landlords

Get help and advice if you are a landlord renting a property or are thinking of becoming a landlord.

Change direct debit bank account

Advice on how to change the bank account that you pay direct debit from

You are paying childcare costs

Find out when we can use childcare payments to reduce earnings on a claim.

Online benefits calculators

Find out how much help you could get.

Get a copy bill

Find out the easiest way to view your business rates account

Governance Referendum

Find about the vote being held in May to decide if we change the way we are run the Council and keep an Elected Mayor.

Deductions for other adults living with you

Information on deductions for non-dependants that could reduce the amount you get.

Disputes about charges for an unoccupied property

Find out how to avoid disputes for charges when tenants vacate.