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Paying your bill

Information on how to pay your bill and changing your instalments

What to do if you receive a summons

Find out about what to do if you receive a summons

What evidence we need

Find out what proof we need for your claim.

Advice and support for individuals and households

. A range of advice and help is available to those who may need financial support. Scheme Who can access it? What can you access? How can you access it? Council Tax Support People who are unemployed or on a low income

Long term empty property review

What to do if you receive a review letter

Empty homes

Find out about empty homes and what you should do if you know of one.


Read our finance related plans, policies and reports.

Ask us to make a payment arrangement

If you want us to consider lower repayments then you will need to complete a financial assessment form.

Examples of who is liable for unoccipied periods

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Single Person Discount (SPD) Review

What to do if you have received a SPD review letter.

Change direct debit bank account

Advice on how to change the bank account that you pay direct debit from

Recovery methods we can use

Find out the methods we can use to recover a debt if you have not paid your Council Tax.

Disputes about charges for an unoccupied property

Find out how to avoid disputes for charges when tenants vacate.

Business Rates Hardship

Find out how we will determine that a business is eligible for a reduction in business rates.


When we send appeals to the Tribunal Service.

Tell Us Once

How we can help you notify organisations of a death.

Tell us about a change

How to tell us about a change in your circumstances which might affect your claim.

Upload your documents and evidence

Submit evidence online for your claim.

Deductions for other adults living with you

Information on deductions for non-dependants that could reduce the amount you get.

Change how and when you pay

Ask us to make changes to the way you pay or how often you pay your Council Tax.