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Someone has died

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone has passed away.

Under the age of 18

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone living in your home is under the age of 18.

Foreign language assistants

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone living in your home is a foreign language assistant.

Unoccupied, empty and uninhabitable

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if your property is not lived in.

My tenant is in arrears

Find out what you can do to help if your tenant is in arrears.

Who has to pay?

Find out who is responsible for paying the council tax charge for a property.

Receiving child benefit

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because you are receiving child benefit for someone who is 18 or 19.

Reminders and final notices

Information about when we issue reminders and final notices

Can students claim?

Information on which students can claim council tax support.

Bankruptcies and Insolvencies information

Information for Companies dealing with Bankruptcies or Insolvencies

National Fraud Initiative

Find out more about our involvement in this initiative and how and why we supply your data to the Cabinet Office.

You’ve had an overpayment

What happens if you have been overpaid.

Welfare Support

Offering support to residents who are experiencing financial hardship

Online benefits calculators

Find out how much help you could get for your council tax.

Enforcement agents (Bailiffs)

Information on their procedures and fees.

Debt and money problems

Find out who can help you if you have debt and money problems.

How much is your bill?

Find out the council tax band and charge for your property.

Benefits and finances

Information for Torbay residents who are struggling financially.

Paying your bill

Information on how to pay your bill and changing your instalments

Claiming if you are working

How we work out Council Tax Support if you are working.