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Request a refund

Find out how to request a refund if you have overpaid your council tax.

Someone is in prison

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone is in prison.

The recovery process

Information on what will happen if you don’t pay your bill

Minister of religion

Find out about applying for a reduction in Council Tax because someone living in your home is a member of a religious community.

Single person

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if you live on your own.

Repossessed and bankruptcy

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if your property has been repossessed or with a bankrupts trustee.


% Council Tax on properties from the day they become empty. Empty over 6 months The number of empty homes changes all the time, but the number of properties ‘Class C; unoccupied and unfurnished over 6 months

Liability Orders

Information about liability orders

Revenues and Benefits

Privacy notices for the activities carried out by the council tax, and business rates teams.

Other information

Find out more about Council Tax including how your money is spent, your bill explained, requesting a refund and how to tell us someone has died.

If you are employed

Information on how earnings are used on when working out Council Tax Support.

Your bill

Information about your council tax bill

Your bill explained

Help to understand your council tax bill.

Housing and homelessness

Information for Torbay residents who are struggling to find somewhere to live.

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Find out about council tax discounts and exemptions under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

At school, college or university

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if someone living in your home is a student or student nurse.

Get a copy bill

Find out the easiest way to view and get copies of your bill

Second/holiday home

Find out about applying for a council tax discount on a second home or holiday home.

Apprentices and youth trainees

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if someone living in your home is an apprentice or youth trainee.

Receiving care or treatment

Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax because someone is receiving care or treatment.