We work in partnership with families so that they are at the heart of discussions and decision making that affects their child. We also helps families plan the service that best suits them.

Portage is for children and families who:

  • Have a child under the age of 5
  • Has a disability or special needs
  • Needs help from 3 or more professionals not including your G.P. or health visitor
  • Live in the Torbay area

Portage offers a framework of support with regular home visits by a trained Portage Home Visitor.

Your Portage Home Visitor will be your first point of contact. They will make sure you have all the relevant information that you need and that you understand it. They will ensure that all the people you are in contact with most meet regularly. A written plan will be reviewed at these meetings to ensure you are receiving the best service to suit your needs.

Parents share with the home visitor their understanding of their child’s individual abilities and support needs. The Portage Home Visitor will help the parents complete a developmental profile which will help with identifying the child's strengths and goals for future learning.

The Portage home visit will include time spent on structured teaching, child led play and family focused discussion. Play activities will be based on the child’s preferences and presented at their pace to ensure success. The family will be able to practice and enjoy them together in between home visits.

The Home Visitor can help when the child starts nursery or school by meeting regularly with the staff and other professionals involved, to share the child’s abilities and support needs and to set shared goals.

Can my child have Portage?

To be able to access the Portage service a family has to live in the Torbay area and have.

  • An Early Years child with a significant delay in 2 or more areas of development, or a disability that is known to result in a significant developmental delay.


 Referrals usually come from;

  • Health visitors
  • Paediatricians
  • Child Development Centre
  • Nurseries
  • Parents 

You can make a referral by completing an application form and sending it to us.

Service request referral form
Service request form for requesting change to current provision.This form has been amended to ensure we are able to ascertain parent/carers email addresses as we are now trying to use email rather than post especially since Covid 19 restrictions came into force.

For further information visit the National Portage Association Opens in a new window or read our service user guide.

Service User Guide 2019-20
Educational psychology service, portage home visiting, early years and advisory teacher for SEN: A guide for schools and other users