Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans must be reviewed at least annually to ensure that the parents, the pupil, us, the school and all the professionals involved with the child or young person monitor and evaluate the continued effectiveness and relevance of the provision set out in the EHC plan.

Review documents

You can download the forms needed to carry out an annual review for a child below:

  Download the Annual Review form

  Download the Post 16 Annual Review Form (Yr 11 onwards)

  Download the Post 16 Annual Review Guidance (Yr 11 onwards)

  Download the Preparing for Adulthood prompt sheet (Yr 9 – Yr 11)

  Download the Preparing for Adulthood Skills Audit to accompany post 16 Annual review

  Download annual review - Personal budgets form

  Download the professionals contribution to reviews form

  Download the One Page Profile image template

  Download the One Page Profile template

  Download the Special Educational Provision (SEP) referral form

  Download the One Page Profile guidance notes

Torbay SENCo Handbook