The school day is made up of two sessions, morning and afternoon with five lessons each day.

The school has a breakfast club which runs for all students from 8:30am to 8:45am and if they do not attend breakfast club students are expected to arrive for 8:45am. Students are also registered at 1:45pm, when the lunch period ends. 

The school day finishes teaching at 2:45pm each day, except on a Friday when teaching finishes at 2:30pm.


Please contact the school on 01803 208208, by 9am, if a child is going to be absent and provide a reason. All absences must be explained by a parent/carer. 

A register will be taken once in the morning and once after lunch. If a student is late, staff will record the student’s name, time of arrival and reason for lateness. The student will be given a late card to take to their class to say they have been marked in at the office.

The registers are closed at 9:25am. Any students arriving after this time will be regarded as absent for the full morning session.

Attendance Policy
This policy ensures we maximise opportunities for learning by promoting good attendance and maintain communication in respect of attendance with a student’s registered school.