Admission to MTS is not completed via the Admissions Team, as would be the case with other Torbay schools.

Should a child have missed 15 days or more of school then the school will discuss an MTS referral with the parents/carers and medical teams involved (i.e. Paediatrics, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Should MTS be seen as a possible appropriate route, an application will be made by the child's school and supported with medical evidence. The application is made to the Torbay Medical Panel, which sits regularly. Should the panel find MTS to be a suitable support package then the child's school will inform parents/carers and the admission process will begin.

MTS will then hold Admissions meeting one with the Headteacher, followed by Admissions meeting two with the Deputy Headteacher. A package of appropriate support will be offered at that point.