Our aim at The Medical Tuition Service Torbay is to support students in ways which motivate and inspire them to engage in education, and to help them become confident, successful, and happy adults.

Our students come to us at various points during their primary and secondary schooling - usually, as a result of their health becoming too much for them to manage within the framework of mainstream education. They frequently feel less than positive about themselves and their life chances. Our job is to help get them back on track, either through a return to regular schooling or by completing Year 11 with us, so that they emerge prepared to make a positive contribution wherever they go next.

Much of our role within this journey is to ensure that those young people we cater for are hosted within a provision that offers them an accessible curriculum, a supportive pastoral experience and a pathway to success in the future, should that be an academic or vocational post 16 pathway.

We as a staff are fully committed to providing such an experience and we hope that all our young people will go on to pastures new feeling fully equipped and qualified to succeed, and excited about their future.

Jessica Hunter