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Public Health Specialty Training in Torbay

Find out about our specialty public health consultant training in Torbay

Torbay Public Health is an accredited public health specialty training location in the South West.  Please read more about our local training offer:

Training in Torbay

In Torbay we are a small team but a passionate one.

We are at the forefront of integrated working and have high levels of trust and good relationships, both across the Council but also within the Integrated Care System and Local Care Partnership.

Our Director of Public Health is the Senior Responsible Officer for population health inequalities within Devon.

We welcome registrars and other trainees and learn a lot from all who have trained with us.

We have excellent academic and research links.

Being a relatively small, unitary authority, we have extensive opportunities for registrars to get involved in and lead on a wide range of programmes.

Team members are held in high regard across the partnership, and we believe strongly in co-production and collaboration. If you want to learn to work in complex adaptive systems, this is the place.

Examples of registrar work

  • Alcohol and healthy behaviours health needs assessments
  • Development of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Exploration of the role of Public Health in tackling climate change
  • Review of experience of screening services for people with severe mental illness

About Torbay

Torbay is a coastal unitary authority with a population of around 139,000 covering the towns of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. It has a stunning natural environment and is a popular tourist destination.

Alongside this there are high levels of poverty, inequalities and ill-health. Torbay has a national reputation for integrated care, with a public sector committed to working in a joined-up way to improve health and wellbeing and to deliver excellence in health and care.

We have a very active community sector and work in partnership across voluntary and statutory
organisations on all of our public health programmes. This commitment provides a firm foundation on which to tackle the significant health and wellbeing challenges experienced by our population.

Find out more about the Bay, and our public and business partnerships.

Find out about community led development in Torbay.

Key Challenges

Many people in Torbay experience significant poverty Torbay is ranked as the most deprived local
authority in the southwest region, with high proportions of children living in poverty and in contact with care services.

  • There are significant inequalities, with a six year difference in life expectancy between areas of high and lower deprivation
  • Many people live alone, and we have a high proportion of old and young carers
  • Torbay is a significant national outlier for suicide and self-harm
  • The proportion of the population living with long term conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular or respiratory diseases is high and increasing
  • More than 1 in 4 people across Torbay are estimated to be obese and 2 in 3 people are overweight
  • Rates of violent crime, domestic violence and abuse, and youth offending, are high

Our Health and Wellbeing Strategic priorities:

  • Good start to life
  • Good mental health and wellbeing
  • Supporting people with multiple complex needs
  • Healthy ageing and digital inclusion

We have workstreams seeking to:

Underpinning all our work is a focus on public and professional partnerships and reducing inequalities

You can find out more about our population in our Torbay joint strategic needs assessment 2023/24

For information about our strategic priorities see our Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022 to 2026 

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