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Torbay on the Move

Torbay on the Move aims to support and encourage residents to be more active.

Torbay on the Move aims to support and encourage residents to be more active. We want this to be at a level that really improves both physical and mental well-being. This needs to be in a way that works for them.  

Torbay on the Move will encourage:

More people, more active, more often

This simple vision statement is a unifying force for us and our partners.


Torbay on the Move focuses on the following eight themes:

Active environments

A place that has amazing assets in the shape of green and blue spaces. Where people feel proud of Torbay and see how unique it is because of its setting. 

Active travel 

A place where active travel will be a natural choice for an increasing number of people.  

Active schools 

A place where children have more access and opportunities to be active. Creating a healthy, happy, and thriving Torbay.  

Active for health 

A place where health care professionals: 

  • prescribe physical activity 
  • have conversations about moving more 
  • support patients to improve their well-being and recovery 

We want people to age well and reduce the pressure on primary care services.  

Active clubs 

A place where clubs can play an important role within communities, providing:  

  • opportunities to take part in competitions 
  • places to be active 
  • volunteering and skill development for people 
  • more jobs and economic opportunities 

Active places 

A place where we harness the power of the people in our communities. We want to empower people to have a greater say in their health and lives. This will help to help drive a healthier, happier Torbay and create an active culture. More and more people will be able to lead active lifestyles.  

Active for all 

A place that helps people get involved and supports those that are least active. This gives people the best opportunity to make a positive impact. This will then reduce demand on health and other services.  

Active workforces 

A place that has a united and skilled workforce so we can really understand everyone's needs. We want people taking their first steps into activity to enjoy the experience.  

Get involved and start your journey 

Come and get involved in any of our Torbay on the Move initiatives and campaigns. Watch this space for more news on these exciting opportunities. 

Coming soon: 

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Email us if you want further information or if you want to get involved.

For more in-depth information read the full ‘Torbay on the Move’ Findings Report. If you prefer a summary you can have a look at helping Torbay residents get fitter.

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