An initiative to get people more physically active has taken a step forward after Cabinet members approved proposals to progress Torbay on the Move.

Torbay on the Move is the plan to improve the physical and mental health of residents in the Bay by increasing activity levels, at whatever their stage of life.

Data from Sport England’s Adult Active Lives Survey shows that 1 in 4 in Torbay are physically inactive.

The inactivity figure for adults living in areas of highest deprivation rises to 1 in 3.

Research shows that individuals with a long-term health condition or disability are twice as likely to be inactive and in Torbay, 24 per cent of adults live with a long-term health condition or disability.

Last year, we held a review of Torbay on the Move with Active Devon which saw consultation with the public, partners and key stakeholders and responses from those formed the recommendations that went to Cabinet.

The report recommended that members agree eight strategic outcomes for Torbay on the Move. These are:

  • Active Environments
  • Active Travel
  • Active Schools
  • Active Health
  • Active Clubs
  • Active Places
  • Active for All
  • Active Workforces

Members approved the formation of a group to oversee Torbay on the Move’s rollout by developing a strategy document based on these themes, and to promote these themes among council departments to help people be more active.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture, said: “We know that activity levels are low among some of our communities, and this was particularly true during the pandemic.

“Increasing activity levels of people in the Bay has several benefits. It will improve the health and wellbeing of residents, which should see a reduced demand on health services.

“It also has advantages for the local economy and the environment. For example, if we can get people walking and cycling more, we’ll see cleaner air, less carbon produced and cleaner and safer roads.

“We particularly want to ensure that Torbay on the Move supports people on lower incomes or with long-term health problems.

“It’s vital that this is a shared vision that is owned by the whole of Torbay and acted upon by the whole of Torbay.”

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