Bikeability Children

Bikeability is Cycling Proficiency Test for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads.

Training Levels 

There are three different levels of Bikeability training:

  • Level 1 - Teaches basic bike handling skills in an off-road environment and is ideally suited to children aged 6-9 years old.
  • Level 2 - Is covered on quiet roads with real traffic conditions and is available to children aged 9 and older.
  • Level 3 - Is carried out on busier roads with more complex road junctions and is suited to secondary aged children and adults.

Level 1 is delivered to several primary schools in Torbay.

Level 2 is offered to all primary schools in Torbay for pupils in year 5 or 6. We want to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to gain this important life skill.  For more information, ask at your child’s school to determine when we will be there.

Level 3 training is offered to secondary school students in Torbay by Torbay Sports Partnership. This gives them the opportunity to plan and cycle more complicated routes.

We also provide children’s Learn to Ride’ sessions in some school holidays.


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Training and session information

For more information on holiday sessions or cycle training in general, please contact us.