Artist and sculptor Steve Winterburn from Yorkshire Fine Arts (YFA) and concept designer Harvey Spencer Gardiner (HSG) will work with the Lost Foundry in Devon, run by Richard Balman.

Steve has been sculpting since 1994 and moved to Yorkshire in 2002, where he set up his studio and established YFA. His pieces have been sold internationally from London to Monte Carlo and Barbados.

Steve takes part in all aspects of the process but focuses his time and energy on sculpting. Harvey is a concept designer and specialist in interpretation and engagement.

The Lost Foundry is a mould-making and casting foundry based in Axminster that specialises in bronze and a range of metals and composite resins. Partnering with the Foundry will support work and engagement opportunities in Devon.

The aim of this proposal is to create a point of inspiration that reflects ‘the spirit of Agatha Christie’.

YFA, HGS and The Lost Foundry are proposing that their artwork is seen as a catalyst to become a destination place maker – Torquay as a place of pilgrimage and also marking where Christie’s journey began.

Creative workshops as part of the statue’s development will use the broad range of Agatha Christie’s work to raise interest and inclusivity across different subject matter.

To evolve the creative process around the story of Christie the artists will follow an interpretive process and produce a mind map of ideas based on two key themes of Christie’s ‘Life and Work’. From the key interpretive triggers, ideas will emanate into a word cloud that informs the sketch proposals.

The design process will evolve based on a research interpretive plan ensuring it is appropriate to the brief. As part of this proposal, alongside the artwork concept, HGS and YFA will develop an interpretation plan to engage with the public and encourage them to get involved and share ideas. The process takes place across a wide range of audiences. The artists aim to take the inspiration of Agatha Christie to connect with communities in a meaningful and positive way.

Through the artwork, the artists aim to portray a special relationship with Torquay, Torbay and Devon and depict a woman that live and worked here, had multiple interests including a connection with nature and the outdoors, a passion for travel, people and places. A dynamic artwork with engaging movement, interaction, mystery and adventure.

In this video, the artists talk about their idea for the tribute which will be installed on Torquay’s harbourside.

Each artist has submitted a supporting statement for their artwork proposal.