David A Annand is an artist and sculptor who lives and works in Kilmany in the Scottish county of Fife. Most of his work has been created specially to order and in the public domain. He has several public artworks displayed across the UK and Ireland.

David’s parents were great theatre goers and often took the whole family to see plays in the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in Scotland, which had - and has - a fantastic repertoire. They saw several Agatha Christie mysteries and loved them.

David’s proposal for the Agatha Christie artwork is to create a slightly larger than life size figure (110%) of Agatha Christie and her short haired terrier, Peter. She would be either holding him, or they could be sitting apart on one of the seating areas which make up the sculpture. The sculpture will contain a few stainless-steel elements that will be designed for people to sit on and contemplate the words written here. David would reach out to the community to select an appropriate quote, preferably one that will create a sense of mystery and get people thinking.

David realised from the outset of his public career that if he includes the written word in a sculptural composition, the public take more time to engage with the piece. He would also engage an expert on Agatha Christie mysteries and has a well-known crime writer – Val McDermid in mind as a partner to this.

“There was nothing straightforward about Agatha Christie’s novels. She was a mistress of complex structure, so David’s concept seems to me to be a great match for what underpins Agatha’s work and mirrors one of the elements that underpins the reason for her continued success.” Val McDermid, crime writer.

In this video, David talks about his idea for the tribute which will be installed on Torquay’s harbourside.

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