Our team works with partner organisation Groundwork South to support green space Friends groups. Once you decide about establishing a Friends group, contact Groundwork South to liaise with the Torbay Green Spaces officers. They can offer help in setting up your group and be able to support your group throughout.

Registering your Friends group helps us to keep you informed of green spaces news and to send you relevant information on funding and training, as well as connecting you with a network of green space groups across the bay.

It also means that enquiries from people wanting to volunteer, businesses wanting to get involved or organisations offering support can be directed to the relevant group(s).

You can register your group through the Torbay Green Spaces officers.

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Torbay Green Spaces Forum

The Green Spaces Forum is a voluntary organisation made up of individuals, groups and organisations interested in enhancing the green spaces of Torbay. Many of the members represent Friends groups and they are there to provide help and advice to new groups. New members are always welcome.

You can contact them using torbaygforum@hotmail.com.

It is important to get in touch with any other Friends groups in your area as there is enormous value in sharing experiences and contacts. They might also help you attract more interest by promoting your new group through their leaflets or newsletters.

There are organisations that can help with establishing and running a Friends group. In particular, it is worthwhile contacting Torbay Community Development Trust as they can assist with several areas, from governance and fundraising to recruiting volunteers and celebrating community achievements.

There may be other community groups in your area, and it's helpful to contact these. Groups may be resident or tenant associations, or perhaps a civic or conservation society. They may also help you attract more interest by promoting your new group through their networks.