We welcome the opportunity to work with local communities who know what they want and need in their parks and green spaces. By bringing together the council’s expertise and experience with local communities’ knowledge, skills and passions for open spaces, we can provide the means to overcome the difficulties faced in creating accessible, welcoming space for everyone.

“It's really nice to see that there are still people who want to take care of Torbay's green spaces. Keep up the good work!”
- Torbay Resident

Setting up and running a Friends of Parks group may seem rather daunting, with so many processes and issues to consider. However, there is a great deal of advice, help and support available in Torbay to make sure that your group succeeds – starting with this guide.
We wish you and your Friends group every success in its aim to improve your local park for the benefit of the community and park users, and we look forward to working with you and supporting your group as it develops.