Torbay Council has an ambition of creating a prosperous and healthy Torbay. The Council’s Corporate Plan sets out as one of its Targeted Actions that it will “Protect all children and give them the best start in life”.

The Children and Young People’s Plan has been prepared with the involvement and support of a range of partners, stakeholders and young people, with the aim of improving our outcomes for children and families. It is intended as an overarching plan for all services which directly affect children and young people in all of the communities which make up Torbay.

It draws upon the evidence base provided by our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Sufficiency Statement. It is underpinned by the plans of partner agencies, reflecting how we are working together to improve the lives of our children and young people.

Children and Young People's Plan 2018-23
This plan sets out our vision, our priorities and our focus for the next 5 years. It is guided by engagement with young people, a shared local analysis of need as well as by national policy drivers and strategies.