We wish to redesign and commission some of our existing services to create a new integrated 0-19 years’ Service for Children, Young People & Families in Torbay.

The current services included in this plan are:

  • Health Visiting;
  • School Nursing;
  • National Child Measurement Programme;
  • Children’s Centres;
  • Young People’s Substance Misuse Service;
  • Advocacy and Independent Visitors Service;
  • Missing and Return Home Interview Service.

We want to explore a model that delivers these services altogether through ‘Family Hubs’. The Authority wants Family Hubs to deliver holistic, early intervention services to Children, Young People and Families. We believe that introducing these Hubs is a clear next step to:

  • Improving co-ordination of services and support;
  • Improving the experience for people using services;
  • Ensuring outcomes improve for children and young people.

Our redesign is informed by Children, Young People and Families, developments around the country and consultation with its local stakeholders. The process began with a Public Health Nursing and Children’s Centre consultation in 2015/16 and in Autumn 2017 we agreed to recommission a new service for Children, Young People and Families. Stakeholder engagement events and an online consultation were held in late 2017.

The estimated budget for this contract could be in the region of £18.45m for the 5 year duration from April 2019.

0to19 Integrated Contract

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0-19yrs Integrated Commissioning Project

Consultation Feedback Report

Please see the consultation report below, which collates all of the feedback we gathered during our consultation and engagement process.