Update January 2023  

  • Following six months of engagement and consultation during 2022 the Paignton and Preston Seafront Masterplan was approved by Cabinet in January 2023.  
  • As a reminder, the Masterplan includes the sea defences that are needed on both Paignton and Preston seafronts to protect these areas from rising sea levels over the next 50 years. It has been estimated that over the next 50 years of climate change the total number of properties at risk of flooding is over 350. By providing defences now this risk can be drastically reduced. 
  • The Masterplan for the seafronts in Paignton and Preston has been developed to protect and improve the precious open spaces along the seafront. It also looks at creating a happy, healthy and vibrant place that celebrates the special qualities of our seafront areas. 
  • The plan has been divided into phases and these will be delivered over a number of years, as and when funding is available. The first projects to be delivered will be the sea defence elements and £4.6milion has been secured from the Environment Agency, Section 106 contributions and the Future High Streets Fund for this part. 
  • Further design work will now be commissioned so that a full planning application for the sea defence part of the Masterplan can be submitted later in Autumn 2023.

View the approved masterplan

We want to improve the sea defences at Paignton and Preston seafront and after listening to what you have already told us we have now extended our plans.

We want to improve more of the open spaces and areas around both seafronts. We also want to make sure we have the right sea defences to protect Paignton and Preston in the future.

LDA Design have been commissioned by us to run the public engagement on the new seafront masterplan. Together, we want to:

  • protect and improve the precious open spaces along the seafront
  • create a happy, healthy, and vibrant place
  • celebrate the special qualities of our seafront areas.

We want to work with you to develop a once in a lifetime plan to improve our seafronts and protect the town.

There are three phases to this consultation and we are now in the second phase. We want to hear from everyone - young, old, families, visitors and everyone in between. This is anyone who uses or visits either or both Paignton and Preston seafronts.

We are very keen to hear from young people as they will be the ones who will be growing up with these changes.

We are also keen to hear from residents and businesses who have properties that are affected when the areas behind the seafronts flood.


  • Phase One - Understanding the existing situation
    February to March 2022
  • Phase Two - Visions, principles and design options
    Starting Monday 23 May 2022 and running for three weeks
  • Phase Three - Review of the ideas
    June to July 2022
  • Masterplan Approved by Cabinet
    January 2023
  • Planning application to be submitted
    Autumn 2023

Below you can view the display boards we have been using during our consultation, you may also find these useful as you fill out the consultations.

Paignton and Preston Seafront Masterplan
Vision for Paignton and Preston Seafronts