Phase two engagement

Open from Monday 23 May 2022 to midnight on Sunday 12 June 2022

We would like to say thank you to all those residents and businesses that took the time to take part in phase one. We had over 320 people let us know their views and 120 people attending the 15 focus groups and workshops that we put on. All the feedback can be found in this report.

LDA Design have taken on board everything you had to say and would now like to share with you two options for both Paignton and Preston Seafronts. As well as showing improvements to the seafront they also show two places where the flood defence wall could be placed. Once your feedback has been received one scheme will be put together and then shared with you in Phase Three for your feedback before the final scheme is agreed.

There are three ways you can get involved in this engagement:

  • Watch the videos below and fill out the online consultation
  • We will have a stand at the Airshow on Saturday 4 June, come and find us and see a 3D model of the options and let us know your thoughts.
  • Ask questions and provide feedback at a Facebook Live which will take place on Monday 6 June on our Facebook page at 5pm. Make sure you are following Torbay Council on Facebook to receive a notification when we go live. If you can not make the Live, it will stay on our Facebook page and you can leave any questions in the comments and these will be passed on.

Please watch the videos below, one for each seafront, and then complete the consultation form to let LDA Design know your thoughts and feedback on these ideas. It will take about 15 minutes to watch the Paignton video and to complete the consultation and 10 minutes to watch the Preston video and then complete the consultation. You may find it easier to open the consultation form and answer it as you watch the videos.

Below each video you will also find a sketched plan for each of the options, hopefully this will help you when you filling out the consultations.

Landward sketch plan

Seawaward sketch plan

Along with this public engagement, we have arranged over 15 focus groups, workshops and meetings to speak to a range of businesses, organisations, community and voluntary groups that use, are based on, or have businesses close to, both seafronts.

Preston Sketch Plan

Facebook Live

We held a Facebook Live on Monday 6 June 2022 at 5pm where you could hear from LDA Consultants about the ideas for Paignton and Preston and had the opportunity to ask any questions.