Phase one engagement

Phase one started on Monday 28 February and ran until Sunday 20 March 2022. This first phase was about gaining an understanding on what people liked, or didn’t like, about the seafronts as they currently are. The consultation also asked for ideas on how the areas could be improved.

So LDA Design could talk to and hear from a wide range of people who live by, use or have businesses around Paignton and Preston seafront, they ran the following focus groups and workshops:

  • Met with those who use Paignton Green for events
  • Attended Paignton and Preston Community Partnership meeting
  • Met with the Chair of the Beach Hut Users Group
  • Held a face to face workshop with a number of businesses who are based on, or close to, both seafronts
  • Focus groups were held with Ward Councillors from Roundham and Hyde and Preston Wards
  • Focus groups with a range of Council officers from a range of departments including – Parking, Highways, Active Travel, Events, SWISCo, Harbours, Planning, Community Safety and Regeneration
  • Young people from South Devon College were invited to take part in discussions in their Tutor Groups

Residents and visitors to the seafronts were also invited to get involved by:

  • Completing an online questionnaire
  • Attending a virtual public workshop
  • Attend a walk and talk with LDA Design on a Saturday in March.

As a reminder, this video was shared and those who took part were advised to watch it as it shows more about the history of the seafronts and how they came to be and are used like they are now.

The map below shows you the area that LDA Design will be looking at. Please note, Marine Drive isn’t included on this map but after feedback we have already received, we will look at this as well.