Consultations on the both the content of the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan and the renewal of Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Forum’s status and their associated Neighbourhood Area have now closed. Details relating to the consultations can still be viewed via the relevant drop down box below.

Consultation in relation to the Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Forum’s status and associated Neighbourhood Area closed on monday November 2017.

The original application for Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum status in the Brixham Peninsula was approved in December 2012. The area is largely based on existing Community Partnership areas:

  • Churston
  • Galmpton and Broadsands and Brixham (which includes the area covered by Brixham Town Council)

Forum status expires after 5 years (ie. for Brixham Peninsula the forum status is due to expire in December 2017). It is for that reason, that we consulted on the intention of the Forum to renew their status as a ‘Qualifying Body’ (ie. Neighbourhood Forum) and their associated Neighbourhood Area. The application can be viewed below. 

Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan
Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5) - 2017.