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Claiming if you are of pension age but still working

How we work out pension age Council Tax Support if you are working.

Tell us about a move or any changes

Find out what changes you need to tell us about so that you don't pay the wrong amount of council tax.

What evidence we need

Find out what proof we need for your benefit application.

Our Commitment

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Students, school leavers, apprentices and trainees

Find out about applying for a reduction if someone is a student, school leaver, apprentice or trainee

Meeting our aims and objectives

Part of the empty homes policy for Torbay.

We've paid too much

What happens if you or your tenant has been overpaid.

Let us know if your empty home is occupied

What to do if you receive a letter for the long term empty property review.

When will your claim start?

Information on when your claim will start.

Bringing homes back into use

Find out what we are doing to help bring empty homes back into use in Torbay.

Tell us about a change

What you need to tell us about if you are getting Housing Benefit payments for a tenant.

Properties owned by social landlords

How we work out your benefit if you rent from a social landlord.

View your benefits account

Find out how to view your benefits account in My Torbay.

How different tenancies affect who is responsible to pay

Information on how a tenancy affects unoccupied periods.

Payments of Housing Benefit

Information about receiving Housing Benefit payments.

You’ve had an overpayment

What happens if you have been overpaid.

You are paying childcare costs

Find out when we can use childcare payments to reduced earnings on a claim.

Business Rates Hardship

Find out how we will determine that a business is eligible for a reduction in business rates.

Aims and objectives of the policy

Part of the empty homes policy for Torbay.

Help with the cost of living

Information for Torbay residents who are struggling to pay for their energy, water, food, or other essential items.