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What is Child Protection

Read our parent and child friendly safeguarding policy

What is Child Protection about

  • We think that your health, safety and welfare are very important
  • We respect all students and help to protect their rights
  • We want students to remain safe, at home as well as at school

How will we try to protect students

  • We try to provide a safe environment for students to learn in
  • We help you to recognise risks and how to stay safe
  • We offer support to students who are experiencing difficulties at school or home

Need to talk

You can talk to any adult in school if you need to, but your Pastoral Manager and DSL/DDSL would be a great place to start


If you feel that you are unable to speak to any of the staff at MTS or you are not at school you can always ring Childline on 0800 1111

Safeguarding at Medical Tuition Service

We have a safeguarding policy for staff, families and governors. This student friendly policy is designed for you.

We created this policy to help you decide what could be a ‘problem’ and where to get help and support.

There may be times when you want to talk to someone in school about a problem that might be upsetting you.

We have people in school who are specially trained to help you, it is important that you know where to get help if you are worried or unhappy about something.

MTS Team


Safeguarding means that all staff will

✓ Protect you from harm
✓ Make sure nothing stops you from being happy
✓ Make sure you are safely looked after
✓ Make sure you have the best life chances

There are lots of other people too, who may help you with an upsetting problem and they do not work at MTS but care about you just as much as we do.

Try to think of 3 trusted adults you could speak to at any time

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