The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is made up of the Principal, an Associate Principal and the Business Manager.

Within this team, the Principal, Jessica Hunter, is responsible for overall effectiveness, the direction and strategic overview of the whole provision. She is also currently the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Curriculum Coordinator for KS3 Creative Arts.

The Associate Principal, Stephen France, has responsibilities for Curriculum, Assessment and Outcomes and is also the Curriculum Coordinator for Maths and Computing. Stephen is our Level 3 Safeguarding Officer.

The Business and Examinations Manager is Vicky Banks.

The SLT are the leaders in strategic overview of the provision and the vision for teaching and learning, curriculum and safeguarding is created and managed within this team.

Beyond the SLT, as part of the Extended Leadership Team are two Whole Setting Leads. Kim Hulme, the Whole Setting Lead for Personal development, Wellbeing and Aspirations delivers the vast majority of the Personal Development, Beyond Learning, Citizenship, PSHE and RSE curriculum - subjects at the heart of what MTS does.

Our second Whole Setting Lead, Nikki Shuttleworth, holds oversight of SEND, Transitions and Interventions. Nikki is our SENDCo, Mental Health Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL). She oversees our admissions processes and therapeutic offer.

Other Curriculum Coordinators are:

  • Literacy - Caroline Thompson
  • Enquiry (Science) - Melissa Bauldry
  • Healthy Lifestyles (including PE, Food Technology and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award) - Dan Petty. Dan also delivers KS3 computing lessons.
  • Visual Arts (including Art & Design, Photography and Fine Art) - Keziah Philipson. Keziah also delivers our Draw & Talk offer.
  • Reach – Natasa Hawksley. Natasa leads our Reach = Reintegration programme for hard-to-reach students, with high levels of anxiety or other conditions which means accessing education is often very difficult. She also teaches in the MTS Hub, a quiet part of the main building more suited to students who may benefit from one-to-one support on-site, or who find groups difficult to work in and provides Reach Tuition within Torbay hospital

These staff members have the autonomy to lead on curriculum development, lesson planning and delivery and assessment within their areas, and support ELT and SLT in achieving our overarching goals for the Quality of Education at MTS.

Students are offered Learning Support Assistance in lessons.

  • LSA support and Science Technician - Heather Stone

The team at Parkfield is also completed by Student Support and Business Support:

  • Welfare & Attendance Officer - Stacey Botten
  • Pastoral Support Manager - Lucy Sykes
  • Business Support - Anne Carter
  • Facilities Management - Greg Winch