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School admission appeals guide

Find out how to appeal a decision if your application for a school place has been refused.

Your right to appeal

The relevant admission authority allocates places at schools. Depending on the type of school you are appealing for, the admission authority is either:

  • The Local Authority, referred to as Children’s Services in this guide.
  • The school’s Governing Body.
  • The Academy Trust.


If a school receives more applications than there are places available

The admission authority decides what criteria will be used to allocate school places. This is known as “Admissions Policy”. The admission authority use this criteria when deciding whether to offer a child a place.

If your application is turned down in writing, you have the right of appeal. This goes to an Independent Panel. The Department for Education has two codes the panel must follow:

  • a School Admission Appeals Code
  • a School Admissions Code

The law allows you the right to appeal against admission decisions. It does not give your child the right to a place at your preferred school. Remember this when considering whether to appeal.

There is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful. 

You can email us if you have further questions on the process or want to ask about your appeal. Or you can call 01803 207087.


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