Disabled badge holders with their badge correctly displayed can park free of charge for an unlimited period in any on-street Pay and Display bay.

They can also park for an unlimited period in any bay which has a maximum stay period of for instance one hour or two hours, where the sign also gives a ‘no return’ period.

There are also some designated disabled parking bays where there is a sign stating a maximum stay period – in these bays, the time clock must also be displayed with the arrival time set, and the vehicle must not remain longer than the stated period.

Disabled badge holders can park on double or single yellow lines for up to three hours, but not where there are yellow stripes across the kerb to denote a loading ban.

. The time clock must be displayed with the arrival time set.

Disabled badge holders must not park in a loading bay, bus stop, taxi rank or where there are either yellow or white zigzag or hatched markings.

There is no free parking for disabled badge holders in Torbay Council car parks, and payment must be made for the entire time the vehicle is parked.