RingGo has made changes to its parking app to meet the latest SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) rules. These new rules enhance the security of payments and limit fraud.

When booking a session, RingGo now makes a pre-authorisation reservation for the maximum potential daily parking charge where you are parking to ensure funds can be collected later.

No money is collected until the session ends and then only the correct amount for the length of the parking session.

When someone books a parking session on the App, this is explained in a pop-up message for users.

We are liaising with RingGo on the pre-authorisation amount.

Motorists using any of our on and off street parking places across Torbay where parking charges apply, can now pay for their parking using RingGo, the UK’s leading phone parking provider.

RingGo lets users pay for parking using their mobile phone, rather than having to touch a shared machine whilst paying by cash or card.

In car parks and on street parking in Torbay, the RingGo Start:Stop solution is being offered, so motorists can pay only for the time they are parked, by starting and stopping their parking.

This differs from elsewhere across Devon, where the standard RingGo “Buy Time” parking is in operation. The two services are clearly differentiated by the signage. RingGo Start:Stop signs are coloured green and red, reflecting the start stop nature of the parking; whereas the RingGo buy time signs are green and blue. In either case, the app offers the correct solution depending on the five digit zone number which is entered.

We recommend motorists use RingGo as the quickest and safest way to pay. To encourage users to do so, the cost of using RingGo is equal to paying by cash or card.

RingGo offers motorists a choice of ways to pay: the most popular is via the RingGo app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store. Users that don’t have a smartphone can book their parking by calling, sending a text message, or paying online.

Download the app

Parking with the RingGo App for iPhone or Android means no more trudging through the wind and rain to find a Pay and Display machine. Simply start or stop your parking using the RingGo App.


You can register with RingGo using the free RingGo App online, or by telephone on 01803 221 339.

  Register with RingGo

Paying to park

When you arrive at a parking space call the cashless parking number on your phone – 01803 221 339 (local rate number included in most mobile phone contract bundles) or use the RingGo App (free to download) to pay for your parking session.

Frequently asked questions

In Torbay, you can use RingGo on a 'start stop' basis at any on or off street Torbay Council operated parking place where parking charges apply.

You can also purchase a 4 day or 8 day permit on a 'buy time in advance' basis, by quoting code 15846 and paying the relevant fee.

  • No need to display a ticket in your vehicle. The CEO checks your parking online
  • No need to use coins
  • Increased payment choices
  • With Start/Stop, there’s no need to predict your length of stay, stay for as long as you like and only pay for the time you are parked (according to the car park tariff and up to the maximum stay allowed)
  • No need to walk to the Pay and Display machine or display a ticket
  • Optional expiry SMS reminders before your parking runs out
  • See your parking history on line and download your invoice
  • Register all the family’s vehicles on one account

Phone parking is being offered as an alternative payment method to paying at a pay and display machine. Motorists can still pay for their parking using coins in the machines.

Reminder and confirmation SMS cost 10p per SMS and you can switch this option on or off from within your personal pages on our website.

The phone number shown is at a local call rate and calls and SMS are charged according to your service provider.

There are a number of ways to pay for your parking with RingGo, you can:

  • Call 01803 221339
  • Use the App on your mobile phone
  • Do it online or mobile web on RingGo

The location number will be clearly displayed on notices on the pay and display machines or signs in car parks like the image at the top of the page.

Alternatively you can use the nearest zone function within the RingGo App.

Cashless parking operates on the same terms as existing Pay and Display parking. The hours of control are clearly displayed in each car park or o street parking location.

With Start/Stop locations you must do this by calling 01803 221339 or by using the RingGo App otherwise your parking charge will continue. Stopping your session allows you to only pay for the time you are parked (subject to advertised minimum tariff and subsequent tariff bands).

In Start/Stop areas the maximum parking time (if any) will be advertised at each parking place. Motorists should check the tariff information for each parking place to find out what the maximum allowed parking period is.