Please note: If you pay your PCN, the case will be closed and you will no longer be able to appeal the PCN.

If you feel that the penalty charge notice (PCN) was issued incorrectly, you can appeal against it. All challenges must be made either online or in writing. Please tell us:

  • The penalty charge notice number (TB plus eight digits) 
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your full name and address
  • Any evidence to support your challenge as appropriate

It is important that you include as much information as possible to help us to consider whether or not it is appropriate to cancel the PCN. We cannot make decisions over the telephone, but you can call us if you need more information.

Lost your parking ticket (PCN)

If you have lost your penalty charge notice, you can recover the details by reporting it to us.

  Report a lost parking ticket

What happens next

Once you have submitted an appeal, you will receive an automated email confirming it has been received, there is no further requirement to log back into the appeals portal. The case will then be placed on hold whilst the grounds of appeal are investigated, and a further email will be sent to you notifying you of what decision has been made. Any further information that may be required for the latter stages of the appeals process will also be provided if the penalty charge notice has not been cancelled.

Please note that whilst your penalty charge notice is on hold it will show a ‘nil balance’ on the portal, however, this does not mean that your penalty charge notice has been cancelled. Any change in the status of the notice will only show in ‘Key Events’.

Making a decision

We will consider your case and may then cancel the PCN or reject your challenge. If your challenge is rejected, the notification will contain details of your rights to contest the issue further. If the challenge has been submitted during the first 14 days after the PCN was served we will usually re-offer the discount for a further 14 days from the date of the letter.

Please allow up to 42 days for a response to be sent before contacting Parking Services following your appeal.

No correspondence will be answered outside of the legal process, please see the PATROL website for the full appeals process.​

Bailiff/Enforcement Agent action

If you have received a letter or visit from Enforcement Agents (bailiffs) in regards to a Penalty Charge Notice, please either go online to the Traffic Enforcement Centre Opens in a new window and download forms TE7 (parking) and TE9 (parking) or ring them on 0300 123 1059 and request the same forms.

If any of the statutory grounds listed on the forms are applicable, please return the completed forms to the Traffic Enforcement Centre which will put the bailiff action on hold for 28 days. During this period, you will receive further correspondence from Torbay Council, informing you of the next step in the process.

If none of the grounds apply we will be unable to help you any further, and you must contact the bailiffs directly to arrange payment of the outstanding charge, including bailiff fees.