An advisory disabled parking bay is a white outlined parking space, which can be positioned on the road outside or in close proximity to your home. They are not limited to a specific person’s use (i.e. you as the applicant) and therefore can be used by other road users. The bay is advisory only and does not have the backing of a legally enforceable Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) therefore if other vehicles park in the bay, with or without displaying a blue badge, no enforcement action can be taken by us or the Police.

When parking in the disabled bay, you must display your Blue Badge at all times. Although we cannot enforce any vehicles parked in the bay without displaying a valid Blue Badge, it is part of the terms and conditions that you agree to (as part of the application process) to display your Blue Badge when applying for a disabled parking bay. We do inspect disabled bays and any infringement of the guidelines may result in the bay being removed.

You may be eligible for a disabled parking bay if you:

  • Have a blue badge
  • Are the driver of a vehicle
  • Do not have any off-street parking

In exceptional circumstance, bays may be considered if the above criteria are not met. A doctor’s letter confirming the need on medical grounds must be provided with the application.

There is a fee of £104.00 which is non-refundable unless the bay is refused.

Our contractor SWISCo refreshes such road markings on a cyclical basis. However, whilst faded disabled bays may be inconvenient to residents, such markings are not classed as an urgent safety issue and they will not necessarily be refreshed as a matter of priority. Such lines will be refreshed only on a cyclic basis, when a whole road is being remarked and not as a one off.

Therefore residents have the option to pay for their markings to be refreshed at a cost of £104.00. If you would like the markings refreshed please call us on 01803 207740.

Parking bays are not given to:

  • Husbands, wives, parents, relatives or any other driver, even if they live at your address
  • Solve any driveway access problem such as steepness
  • Act as ‘Keep Clear’ markings for vehicles visiting

Documents you need to provide with your application

We require proof of your Blue Badge if you have one. We also need proof of your name and residency, this should be one of the following:

  • Your most recent council tax bill
  • Driving licence
  • Utility bill issued within the last 3 months
  • Bank statement issued within last month

You will need to upload photos or screenshots of your Blue Badge, proof of residency and Doctors letter (if required) with the application form.

Location considerations 

Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee a bay, we also need to consider the location and whether:

  • It’s near or on a junction or bend
  • The width of the road could compromise road safety
  • There are any existing parking restrictions

A parking bay cannot be approved where there are existing waiting restrictions or within any Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). If at a future date a CPZ is introduced, the bay will be removed.

  Apply for a disabled parking bay

If there is an existing bay near you but the markings are faded, you can request our partner contractor TOR2 take a look to see if it requires remarking. SWISCo are available on 01803 701310 or you can report faded markings online.

Report faded parking bay markings