Sport Torbay is a voluntary body elected annually to represent local community sports clubs, with one representative per sport. It is a forum which was formed to increase the interest in sport in Torbay and South Devon. We are inviting sports clubs to join others around Torbay in helping further the interests of sport in the area.

There are many ways in which Sport Torbay can benefit your club including:-

  • Advice and support on sporting grants and funding.
  • Your club will have a louder voice, and will be able to help make decisions, as part of a bigger sporting community.
  • Advice on most types of sporting activities.
  • Liaison between clubs, schools, sporting bodies and the local authority.
  • Being kept up to date with local, regional and national initiatives and funding.
  • Better publicity and advertisement for your club, inviting more people to join your organisation.

Sport England reported that Torbay had become one of the four most ineffective areas in England when judged on funding applied for or granted. To its credit, Torbay Council acted to reverse this trend, when it asked Sport Torbay to accept the responsibility for providing clubs with this assistance in the future.

Sport Torbay aims to be able to offer each of its member clubs whatever degree of assistance it needs in its efforts to apply for funding. It recognise’s that some clubs will want to “go it alone”, and may need an occasional word of advice, or a second opinion, whereas, at the other end of the spectrum, others will need someone to lead their bids from the outset.

Another successful initiative is The Paignton Green Mile, schools, sports clubs and sponsors came together to complete a mile walk/run/jog around the route to promote the active and regular use of the Green Mile and to help improve a healthy and fit lifestyle change to the local community. The Green Mile is an area of flat land for locals and holiday makers to regularly exercise on a mapped out mile route. Sport Torbay sought local business’ to sponsor nine posts which mark out the mile route around Paignton Seafront.

Sport Torbay also runs a “Buddy Scheme” which is designed to make it easier for our overseas friends to become as active as we are, here in Torbay. They simply make contact, tell us their choice of sport, and we will arrange for a member of a local club to meet them and introduce them, and spend the first session with them.

The affiliation period takes place between 1st January and 31st December, not the dates of the Annual General Meeting. All minutes and notes of Sport Torbay meetings will be sent to your club secretary with details of any future sports initiatives and funding will also be regularly sent.

Chairman: Jim Parker

Vice Chairman: Mark Faulkner