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Torbay Road scheme changes

Find out what's happening during the next phase of the development of Torbay Road.

A revised scheme is being implemented on Torbay Road to balance the needs of:

  • businesses
  • pedestrians
  • motorists
  • event organisers

SWISCo will be making the changes which will include:

  • changing the bollards, traffic separators and lining
  • removing and refitting signage and relaying lines

Once they have made all the changes the revised scheme will go live.

Use the movement plan to help you plan your journey to Torbay Road.

Potential delays

Some of the work is dependent on weather conditions. For example, we can only do the line marking if the ground is dry.

We'll tell you if there are going to be delays through our social media channels.

Background to the scheme

Before we could make these changes we needed to make sure:

  • the revised scheme was well designed
  • legal processes such as TROs were complete
  • safety reviews were complete
  • we had booked the contractors and organised:
    • ordering and printing new signs
    • altering signage
    • the removal and replacement of road markings

Pavement licences

The changes mean there will be more room for businesses to use. Businesses who are keen to use the extra space should contact our Licensing Team. They will review applications on a property-by-property basis.


The revised scheme reduces the amount of public realm space. This will change the type and size of events that can be held on Torbay Road. If you would like to host an event talk to our Events Team about your idea.

What happens next

Over the coming months, we will monitor how the revised scheme works. This will make sure the changes work and we can use them in a permanent scheme. 

It is likely that the revised scheme will run for up to six months (this reflects the requirements of the TRO). If we need to make any more changes to the scheme then the six months will start again.

After the trial, we will decide on a permanent scheme and develop final designs for:

  • Torbay Road
  • Station Square

When the final scheme has been chosen we will appoint a contractor to start work on making the final changes. We will tell you when this happens.