Elisabeth Hadley is a sculptor based in Brixham, Torbay. Originally from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, she moved to Torbay in 1997.

Elisabeth has been working professionally as a sculptor for over thirty years and exhibits in galleries across the South West. Her sculptures are derived from real object sources.

Her work consists of producing limited edition bronze sculptures and she also produces commissions for private and public works of art.

Elisabeth’s proposal for the Agatha Christie artwork would be to create a sculpture of Agatha sitting on a bench, thoughtfully thinking about her next great work, or admiring the surroundings she was passionate about.

One of Agatha’s favourite places to be was at the boathouse at Greenway with her husband watching the wildlife out on the river, so the sculpture would reflect her love for nature.

Having her sat on a bench would allow more engagement. Her fans could visit and take a seat next to her and really feel a close connection with their literary idol. This will encourage people to capture and share a moment with the great crime writer.

The sculpture of Agatha could be shown at any age of her life of career, her appearance would be tailored to a specific time in her life that would be most recognisable with the audience.

The bench itself would be used as a blank canvas on which to incorporate some of her other interests and inspirations for her great novels. This could be done with an element of mystery, allowing audiences to discover and reveal narratives and stories through a mixture of subtle and direct allusions to the novels and her life.

Agatha loved her dogs and throughout her life, she usually had one at her feet. One of her many dogs would be included in the sculpture with her on the bench.

The sculpture would be cast into bronze as this is the most suitable and also the most traditional material for large outdoor sculptures as it is very tough and hard wearing. Elisabeth suggests a lovely warm brown patina, which would age nicely with being close to the sea.

Wherever possible Elisabeth would use and source local materials in Torbay to support the local economy.

In this video, Elisabeth talks about her idea for the tribute which will be installed on Torquay’s harbourside.

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