We are responsible for managing and maintaining all land and open spaces in Torbay, which are owned by us. This does not include land managed by the Coast and Countryside Trust Opens in a new window or housing associations. We are responsible for all open space in Torbay; this includes parks, recreation grounds and roadside verges.

We work alongside SWISCo and our grounds maintenance contractor Glendale Grounds Management Ltd to ensure this work is carried out efficiently.

We have a system of planned maintenance works (Cyclical Service) which are carried out on an appropriate basis e.g. weekly, monthly, annually. They are responsible for identifying the frequency of these works and ensuring the best methods are used to achieve the standards required.

They are responsible for meeting these standards and work closely with us to ensure these are met.

Please be aware that on occasion work may be delayed or hampered by external factors such as the weather, both good and bad. Torbay is a diverse area with hundreds of urban and rural sites - a difficult task to get them all right all of the time.


SWISCo Opens in a new window are the grounds maintenance contractor for Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. SWISCo is owned wholly by us and was formed in 2020.

The works SWISCo carries out: