This Guide is only for organisers of a small scale street party in 1 or 2 low traffic streets without outside publicity, and is not for organisers of public events.

A street party is a good way to celebrate a national event and to get to know your neighbours. You can meet in your street without any traffic and gives children the chance to play outside. Having the party right outside your homes means that most people join in.

This guide gives you some useful tips to help you organise your event. If you want to hold a street party, you must complete the Coronation Road Closure application form below to inform us of your plans at least 4 weeks in advance. Once we have received this application, we may request further information if it is needed

Top tips

  • Plan in advance
  • Keep it simple
  • Involve everyone
  • Agree on timings
  • Put up signs
  • Clear up afterwards
  • Be aware of noise for those who are not joining in

When to hold the party

Sundays are generally a good day as fewer people work and it is more of a family day.

For the King's Coronation celebrations, Buckingham Palace is recommending that you hold street parties on Sunday 7 May 2023. This will unite the celebrations.

Planning and meetings

  • Start planning 4 to 6 months in advance.
  • Start by chatting with some neighbours that you know.
  • Agree on a date early on.
  • Hold planning meetings in the street so more people will come.
  • Share out the jobs such as taking notes and writing invitations to all houses.

Involve everyone

  • Consultation with local residents and businesses is key.
  • You could invite people face to face but you may also need to send round paper invitations.
  • Street parties are private events, so you don't need to advertise them.
  • Most neighbours will want to take part but encourage this by planning for all tastes.
  • Some people may feel wary so encourage them by being friendly and open with your planning.
  • Respect those who do not want to attend.

Ideas for activities

  • Cake competitions are often very popular!
  • Celebrate the birthday of the oldest person
  • Best decorated wheelie bin or front door
  • Lawn, giant or old-fashioned games
  • Dancing
  • Old photos or history of the street
  • Share a meal - remember to cater for different diets where possible

Road closures

For road closures to celebrate the King's Coronation on the weekend of 6 May 2023 you need to apply:

  • at least 12 weeks in advance if your road is a bus route or an A road
  • at least 4 weeks in advance for all other roads

For street parties at other times on all types of roads, you must apply at least 12 weeks in advance to close your road.

There is no charge for this, but you will require adequate Road Closed signage. We'll ask the Highways Team, police, fire and ambulance services about traffic issues. You must leave room for a fire engine or ambulance which may need to come down your street at any time

Send a notice/letter to all residents affected by the road closure to make them aware of your plans. This is important if there are residents who have carers or nurses visiting them on the day.

If you can’t or don’t want to close your road, try a ‘street meet’ on pavement, driveway, garden or park.

You will need 'road closed' signs. Discuss what road signage you need with us to make sure it's correct. We don't have signs that you can borrow but you can hire them from organisations like SWISCo.

SWISCo has a limited number of road closure signs and road cones, which will be available for hire on a first come first served basis. The cost for hiring basic signage will be £20 + VAT per sign, plus a £50 deposit for each order, which will be refunded on return of the signs. Organisers, who have secured the hire of signs, will need to collect these from Aspen Way Depot, Aspen Way, Paignton on the preceding Friday (5 May 2023) and return them on the following Tuesday (9 May 2023). We regret that SWISCo are unable to provide a delivery service.  For this hire service, please contact SWISCo, as detailed below, a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the Coronation weekend:

Open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday - 01803 701310

Applicants are however welcome to obtain signage from other suitable providers, providing the signage conforms to the requirements of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. Please refer to the diagrams below to indicate the signage required for a minor road closure.

If you want to close a main highway you will need a traffic management plan and a local highways contractor.

  Download a Coronation Street Party Road Closure application form

  Download the requirements for road closures for the Coronation of King Charles III

Community Coronation Events

If you wish to organise a small community event of under 500 attendees in your local park or green space instead of on your street, a dedicated Coronation Community Events application form has been set up on the following link

The events team will review the application and advise if any further information is required.

Risk Assessment 

A small community event will require a risk assessment to be submitted to the events team, a template for a risk assessment can be found below:

  Download the Coronation Community Event Risk Assessment template

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance will be required for events held on Council land. The minimum indemnity of the insurance must be £5million. The events team will require proof of insurance prior to permitting the event to proceed.

Food Provision

To unite the celebrations, it is recommended that communities join in with the big lunch and bring their own picnics.

If you wish to invite a mobile food vendor to your site, the vendor must be registered with their local authority’s food safety team and hold a minimum of a 3* food hygiene rating. An additional form will need to be completed and sent into the events team for review –

  Food Businesses at Events Notification Form


If you are planning to sell alcohol at the party you will need to apply for a temporary events notice