The English Riviera is an area that values the potential of events to bring together and celebrate our diverse communities. More than this, events can also support the economic well-being of those communities through the creation of jobs and the welcoming of visiting audiences. We want to host the best possible events and will work in partnership with organisers to maximise the positive value over the potential negative impacts, ensuring activity is always making a net contribution to our communities.

We are asking all organisers of events to sign up for this events charter and to publicise their commitment through their own marketing and communications. By signing up to this charter, organisers agree to:

  1. Plan accessible, high-quality events that attract increasingly diverse audiences and meet their changing needs.
  2. Communicate clearly and at an advanced stage plans to residents and businesses that may be impacted and to deal with any concerns raised.
  3. Design events that maximise the economic benefit to the area, attracting visitors and encouraging extended exploration and spend in the wider local offer.
  4. Consult and share plans with the Council’s Events Team and any other organisations they recommend ensuring the success of the event.
  5. Deliver a safe and secure event in line with relevant safety guidance to the satisfaction of the Torbay Public Safety Advisory Group and the Council’s Events Team.
  6. Work to the standards outlined in the Council’s guidance for sustainable events to minimise environmental impact and deliver a sustainable event.
  7. Ensure all delivery supports the priorities of the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark as detailed in the English Riviera Destination Management Plan
  8. Measure the economic impact of a delivered activity, using an evaluation tool such as, and provide findings to the Council’s Events Team.
  9. Endeavour to make healthy food and drink choices available at any family events in the area.
  10. Minimise any disruption to local health and social care services.
  11. Where appropriate, support Looked After Children in Torbay to improve their, health, wellbeing, and educational opportunities.
  12. Provide a dedicated (published) contact and phone number to deal with any immediate issues occurring during an event and to enable a quick resolution to any problems arising.
  13. Offer live broadcasts, recordings and other material via online platforms and social media in parallel with live events where possible.
  14. Any sponsorship will be appropriate for a family audience and within the limits of permitted exemptions.
  15. We will take responsibility for arranging the disposal of our event waste and will adhere to the Duty of Care Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 34.
  16. We will ensure that there is no temporary or permanent damage caused to the event site.
  17. Promote the organisers commitment to this charter on appropriate platforms