You'll need help right away if your landlord threatens to evict you.

Eviction by a Registered Provider

If your Registered Housing Provider has got a Possession Order from the Court to repossess the property you live in and evict you, you will need to contact the Court direct (not the registered provider) if you want to try and stop the eviction happening.

If you are facing eviction you should get advice as soon as possible from Citizens Advice  Opens in a new window or a solicitor to explain the legal process to you and tell you what your options are. 

What happens if I am evicted?

  • You will need to find somewhere else to live for yourself and anyone else who lives with you.
  • The Court will tell you the date and time that the bailiff will arrive.
  • The locks will be changed and any of your belongings still in the property will be removed.

A registered provider is not obliged to re-house you if you have been evicted because of non-payment of rent.

Eviction by private landlord

If you are renting from a private landlord, you should be given a tenancy agreement which will set out how long your tenancy is for, the things you must do while you live there and the things your landlord must do. You should make sure you understand this before you sign it.

If you think you are being wrongly evicted or harassed by your landlord you can contact us for advice. You can also speak with Citizens Advice  Opens in a new window or a solicitor .

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