As a private landlord you are legally obliged to carry out repairs. If you are unsure of your responsibilities you must seek appropriate advice. The main regulatory requirements you should be aware of are:

The Housing Health and Safety Ratings System (HHSRS)

If you don’t keep the property in a good state of repair to meet legal standards Opens in a new window we can, if necessary, serve notices on you for the work to be carried out within a given period.

If you don’t carry out the repairs we tell you to, or don’t make sure the property meets minimum requirements we have the power to hire contractors to carry out works in default. We may prosecute you, but we would always try to work with you to avoid this course of action.

HMO Management Regulations

All HMOs are subject to Management Regulations. It is the responsible person’s duty to comply with the relevant Management Regulations. Failure to comply with the appropriate Management Regulations is a criminal offence and may lead to prosecution.

There are two sets of Management Regulations which are almost identical. You must identify which regulations apply to your HMO and make sure you comply with them at all times:

There are other requirements associated with certification and fire safety. These requirements are outlined in the Private Rented Sector Code of Practice Opens in a new window.