Make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions, lower your energy bills and improve your living conditions. These are 4 good reasons for you to consider making your home more energy efficient.

There are a range of things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. These range from simple improvements like fitting a draught excluder to improving the level of insulation in your loft or installing green technology such as solar panels.

For local, impartial energy advice contact the energy advice team at Exeter Community Energy. Depending on your circumstances they can help with:

  • Energy and water saving tips and advice
  • Installing free energy saving measures
  • Heating controls and smart meters
  • Changing supplier or tariff and applying for discounts
  • Referral for help with benefits and debt
  • Grants for insulation and heating

For a friendly chat and to find out more contact Exeter Community Energy on 0800 772 3617 or visit the Exeter Community Energy website and complete a referral form.

Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP)

Furthermore the Local Energy Advice Programme (LEAP) offers qualifying householders a free home energy advice visit which provides energy efficiency advice on how to reduce fuel bills. The visit also involves installing free, simple energy saving measures, and help with switching energy companies is provided if necessary. To find out if you qualify to receive home energy advice visit the LEAPr call LEAP on 0800 060 7567.

Another good source of general advice and in some cases, an access point for grants and loans is the Energy Saving Trust. They provide energy advice for your home including advice on heating your home, reducing heat loss, generating renewable energy and much, much more.