The majority of grass verges adjacent to roads are within the public highway and therefore come under our responsibility.

In fulfilling our responsibilities as Highway Authority, we are required to keep verges safe and unobstructed and this is particularly important at road junctions where clear visibility for motorists and pedestrians is important.

Grass FAQs

There is no requirement for the providers of this service to remove the grass cuttings however they are required to sweep or blow off any cuttings that fall onto footpaths back onto the mown lawn immediately after cutting, as far as reasonably practicable.

Any litter and debris to be removed from the maintained lawns immediately prior to mowing so that litter is not cut up and spread by cutting machines.

If the grass is cut less often we need different mowing machines to cut the longer, thicker growth and the increase in cuttings leads to more cleaning up which will cost more money. Opinions on the need for grass cutting differ across Torbay so we strive to accommodate our residents as best we can.

Grass cutting across the whole of Torbay is a large scale, highly organised operation and therefore cannot only be performed in perfect conditions. Unless conditions are very bad and there is the possibility that the mowers will cause serious damage, or in order to protect operator safety, we cut the grass in all weathers - otherwise grass cutting would fall behind schedule.

Grass areas are managed and subject to different schedules. We may alter the standards from time to time. Some areas are for conservation and are kept long for wildlife.

We are striving to increase the number of wildflower area across our parks and leave areas of grass long to increase our biodiversity.

We do not cut grass areas which are under private ownership or have not yet been adopted by us.

If you think an area has been missed in error, please contact us so that we can look into it.