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Torquay Neighbourhood Plan

Find out how the neighbourhood plan is used to consider all planning applications in Torquay alongside the Local Plan.

An application by Torquay Neighbourhood Forum for re-designation was submitted and published for consultation between 12 December 2022 until Monday 23 January 2023. The TNF was re-designated at Council on Tuesday 7 March 2023.  The Torquay Neighbourhood details are included in the Designation Drop down list below.

Having been through the statutory process, the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the Development Plan for Torbay.

Following the positive outcome of the Referendum held on 2 May 2019 and Full Council’s decision to make (adopt) the Plan on 19 June 2019, this Plan now forms part of the Development Plan for Torbay. Torquay Neighbourhood Forum applied to designate the forum and area of Torquay in 2012 and applied for renewal in 2017. The applications for designation can be found below along with links to the respective decisions by Council. Within the applications there is a map of the area.

The Forum submitted their Neighbourhood Plan in 2017 and it was subject of an independent examination in 2018. Torbay Council, as Local Planning Authority (LPA), approved the Plan with post examination modifications for referendum at a Full Council meeting on 15 November 2018.

Torquay Neighbourhood Forum and Area were first designated in 2012 and the Forum was last designated on 7 December 2017. A Forum designation ceases to have effect at the end of the period of 5 years (beginning with the day on which it is made). Therefore, Torquay Neighbourhood Forum lost its formal status in 7 December 2022, however, status of the Forum does not affect the validity of the adopted Torquay Neighbourhood Plan.

An application for re-designation as a Forum was subsequently made by Torquay Neighbourhood Forum and this was been published for consultation until 23 January 2023. A Council Report is scheduled to be considered at Cabinet in February and Council who approved TNF re-designation in March 2023.

The Torquay neighbourhood proportion of Torbay Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy Fund (CIL) is available to support suitable community projects.  Application forms to apply for these funds are available from the TNF website:  Torquay Neighbourhood Plan | Our community led plan for the next 20 years or can be downloaded from the documents list below. Completed forms should be sent directly to  the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Forum Chair :

Further information is available from the Council’s Cabinet Report  and subsequent Decision (November 2022) which set out the process and include project bids totalling £44,241.85, which have already been approved. Subsequent Community Infrastructure applications for Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Area have been determined by the CIL Spend Panel: 

General information about Neighbourhood Planning in Torbay, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, are available on the Neighbourhood Planning page.

CIL Funding Application Forms documents list :

The plan

Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Details how the neighbourhood plan is used to consider all planning applications in Torquay alongside the Local Plan.
Policy Map Layout
Shows site allocations and identifications with enlarged maps.
Policy Map Key
Key to Torquay Neighbourhood Plan (TNP) Policies Maps Adopted (June 2019)
Policy Map Sheets 1-10
Maps 1 to 10
Policy Map Sheets 11-19
Maps 11 to 19
Policy Map Community Partnership Areas
A map showing the community partnership areas within Torquay.

The Council decision confirming the making of the Plan can be found on the Council Meeting page.

Further information about the Plan process to date, including further documents, can be found under the dropdown lists below.

The Torquay Neighbourhood Plan has been subject to a Habitats Regulations - Appropriate Assessment.  The Council report (19th June 2019) can be found on our Council Meeting page and seeks to formally approve this document and clarifies the reference to Referendum version.

Torquay Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version) Habitats Regulations Assessment
Published 14 March 2019

On 15 November 2018 Council considered the examiner’s report and a series of recommended actions in response to the report. Council resolved to support the plan, with modifications as set out in the decision statement. The minutes of the Council meeting, including the decision statement, are included on Council meeting page. The post examination (with modifications) version of the Plan is available below:

Post examination version of the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan with modifications
Published November 2018

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

The Torquay Neighbourhood Plan (post Examination version with modifications) has been subject to a Habitats Regulations:

Natural England interim HRA response
Dated 12 September 2018
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan (Post Examination Version) Draft Habitats Regulations Assessment
Published 15 November 2018

Mr. Nigel McGurk was appointed as Independent Examiner for the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan. The Examination commenced in April 2018 and the final report can be found below. A public hearing was held on the 14 May 2018 in Torquay. The Notice, Agenda and audio file of the Public Hearing in May are available below. The post Public Hearing correspondence related to the proposed Local Green Space (TNPLGSH04) on Teignmouth Road, Torquay is also available below:

Independent Examiner’s Final Report on the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Examination
Dated Thursday 12 July 2018
Notice of Hearing
Notice of hearing public notice for the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan on 14 may 2018.
TNP Examination Public Hearing Agenda for Monday 14 May 2018

Listen to Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Public Hearing 14th May 2018  Opens in a new window

Correspondence Local Green Space on Teignmouth Road, Torquay
Dated 16 May to 30 May 2018

The area and forum were first designated in 2012 but was subsequently renewed in 2017. The agenda documents and decisions can be found on the Council meeting page for December 2017 and December 2012. Torquay Neighbourhood Forum has made an application for re-designation as a Forum and this was published for consultation which closed in January 2023. The Forum was re-designated by Council on 7 March 2023

The final approved TNF Constitution (dated 1 March) and submitted additional information is available below:

Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Forum - 1 March 2023
Constitution Approved Council 7 March 2023
Neighbourhood Plan Forum
Additional Evidence to Council - 1 March 2023
Torbay Neighbourhood Forum Designation application 2022
Details of the Torbay Neighbourhood Forum Designation application
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5) - 2017.
Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
Application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5) - 2012.
Community Partnership code of Conduct - January 2013
This Code provides guidance as to the standard of conduct which is expected. A
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