The local highways maintenance challenge fund enables local highway authorities in England to bid for major maintenance projects that are otherwise difficult to fund through the usual formula funding allocations they receive from government.

In 2015 tranche 1 was launched and, with additional schemes added in the summer of 2015, 34 schemes were funded, awarded £285 million in total. In autumn 2017, tranche 2A awarded £75 million to 19 projects following a further competition. This tranche of the challenge fund will be available for 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021, with a total of £198 million DfT funding.

The documents below are Torbay Council’s application for this fund. If successful it will allow the Council to replace some of the older composite (part concrete) carriageways that are on the point of failure. This would greatly reduce pressure on the annual highway maintenance funding and allow these resources to tackle some of the local estate roads.

Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund 2019
Torbay - Composite Roads Replacement
Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund 2019
Appendix A