Department for Transport – Pothole Action Fund 2016/17

Torbay Council gratefully acknowledges its allocation of £71,000 from this year’s Pothole Action Fund from the Department of Transport.
This funding was allocated to the following schemes:-

Resurfacing of Rowcroft Road, Paignton and part of Newton Road, Torquay, which both had pothole susceptible road surfaces that were costing the authority excessive sums in terms of reactive repair costs. This being in accordance with the Council’s published Asset Management Strategy, where additional funding can be directed to schemes of this nature that would not otherwise feature in planned resurfacing programmes.

A programme of repair to functional (non safety intervention) defects, on the principal road network, where further deterioration would have been expected to continue to have occurred if left untreated. These roads included:

A3022 – Newton Road, Torquay (5 areas)
A3022 – Paris Road, Paignton (1 area)
A3022 – Hyde Road, Paignton (1 area)
A379 – The Strand, Torquay (3 areas)
A3022 – Torwood Street, Torquay (4 areas)
A3022 – Brixham Road, Churston (1 area)

Local Transport Capital Block Funding (Integrated Transport and Highway Maintenance)

Specific Grant Determination 2013/14: No. 31/2150 
Severe Weather Recovery Scheme. Grant Determination (2013/14): No. 31/2277

We gratefully acknowledge the receipt of this grant from the Department of Transport on 31 March 2014, to address some additional highway maintenance costs following the recent severe weather events.

The grant totaling £336,225 has been targeted at tackling all potholes that are reported, together with providing an opportunity to resurface roads affected by flooding and to make other water damaged local roads more resilient to any future weather events. In addition to the pothole repairs, it is planned to resurface sections of almost 30 local roads which have been recorded as being susceptible to pothole formation due to the age and condition of their carriageway surfaces. These surfaces have been further damaged by water and winter effects and without this generous grant would be expected to require continuous reactive patching repairs. Accordingly, this opportunity to make parts of the local road network more resilient to these more frequent severe weather events is welcomed.

Department for Transport - Severe Weather Recovery Grant and Pothole Funding 2014

We gratefully received the sums of £198,969 to assist in repairing potholes and £336,225 to recover from damage caused by the extremely wet winter and subsequent storms. Both of these grants being provided by the Department for Transport. Parts of these grants have been used to initially carry out reactive pothole repairs and then subsequently to resurface sections of carriageways to make more of Torbay’s highway network resilient to further pothole formation.

As of the end of September 2014 it can be reported that the funding has meant that 349 potholes have been repaired by TOR2 and that during spring and early summer, parts of Summer Lane and Follafield Park in Brixham, Elmbank Road and Polsham Park in Paignton and Lichfield Avenue and Dairy Hill in Torquay had been resurfaced.

It is intended to now resurface sections of a further 14 local roads throughout the autumn to make them less susceptible to pothole formation and other defects. Whilst it is acknowledged that more needs to be done, without these additional grants these 20 roads would have been waiting for future funding and this much welcomed cash injection has been able to be invested to keep as much of the highway network in a safe and usable condition as possible.

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