During the 2018/19 financial year the Department for Transport provided us with £2.15M for highway maintenance purposes of which £730k was provided under the Pothole Action Fund and Local Highways Maintenance Fund, which were additional funding allocations in that year.

This figure allowed preventative surface dressing works, to be carried out on:

Surface dressing

  • Higher Downs Road, Torquay
  • Grosvenor Avenue, Torquay
  • A380 Hamelin Way, Torquay
  • Old Totnes Road, Paignton
  • Blagdon Road, Paignton
  • Stoke Road, Paignton
  • Roselands Drive, Paignton
  • Quarry Gardens, Paignton

The use of the above preventative maintenance will ensure that the treated roads will gain an expected additional 7 to 10 years of useful life before a further treatment is needed.

However, the bulk of the funding has been used on resurfacing and reconstruction works on a number of roads throughout the Bay. This includes the following sites:


  • Cadewell Lane (section), Torquay
  • Higher Woodfield Road, Torquay
  • Hawkins Avenue (section), Torquay
  • Fowey Avenue (section), Torquay
  • Sandown Road (section), Paignton
  • Pillar Avenue (section), Brixham
  • Barnfield Road, Brixham
  • Barton Crescent
  • Barton Gardens
  • Windmill Road (section)
  • George Road
  • Broadpark Road (section)
  • Higher Edginswell Lane (section)
  • Armada Crescent
  • Queensway Crescent

The roads listed above will be expected to last for many years, the design life being typically 25 years. However, preventative treatments may eventually be required on these roads to again extend their useful life expectancy. We are grateful for the cooperation of residents of all of the above roads and for the short term disruption that works of this nature produce.

In addition a new Sustainable Drainage improvement was implemented to a section of the A379 Dartmouth Road, Brixham.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided but are aware of a backlog of sites that are still potential candidate sites for future funding streams. Please be assured that we are not resting on our laurels but are seeking ways of increasing the coverage of defective roads that we are able to treat in a given year.