We are firmly committed to maintaining and enhancing Torbay’s trees and woodlands as a vital part of the environment. As one of the UK's richest Local Authorities in terms of biological diversity, we seek to ensure that our commitment to the environment is followed through with actions. The production of this document, A Tree and Woodland Framework for Torbay, is such an action. This document's origins lie in the recognition that long term commitment and consistency are required if the our ambitions for environmental enhancement and protection are to be realised.

The overall aims of the framework are to ensure the safety of our trees; maintain and encourage biodiversity; maintain and improve landscape quality; and, through these elements, to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors both now and in the future.

A Tree and Woodland Framework for Torbay
This framework defines our actions with regard to the management of our tree asset but also a vehicle to link into the various local strategies that are currently in place to deliver green infrastructure goals.