You may wish to remember someone or mark a special event by dedicating a bench or donating a tree.


We are no longer able to provide new donation or memorial benches in Torbay.

If there is an existing bench which is not dedicated with a memorial plaque in a park or open space, TOR2 Opens in a new windowmay consider a request to add this.

Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust offer memorial trees and benches in some areas in Torbay. You can find more information on their website Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust - Burials and memorials Opens in a new window

Tree donations

Donating a tree helps create a green environment for you, your family and generations in the future.

To plant a commemorative tree please complete the following form.

  Tree memberance request form Opens in a new window

When can trees be planted?

Tree planting is from November to March. Applications will be processed for memorial trees from September to February to time for quotations to be provided and trees ordered/delivered. Please note, if you submit an application outside of this time frame, your details will be held on file but will not be processed.

All of our parks, open spaces and existing streets with adequate grass verges or areas are potential sites, but it is important that the tree fits into the long-term landscaping of the area. If a site is in danger of over planting or a location cannot be agreed due to utility or similar issues, a second choice may be needed.

Sites for individual trees can only be considered when there is a very high probability that the tree will remain undisturbed to old age.

Unfortunately no plants or flowers can be planted with the tree and plaques cannot be fixed to any donated tree. We are able to provide a certificate of planting as a keepsake of the event.

Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust also offer memorial trees in some areas in Torbay. You can find more information on their website Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust Opens in a new window.

What type of tree can be planted?

A wide range of trees can be planted in our warm climate and we give serious consideration to the choice of tree that is requested. If it is unsuitable for any reason we can help pick an alternative.

Where schemes are taking place in a park or open space, a tree and a site for planting can be selected from the scheme proposals.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a new commemorative tree is about £500. Not all trees are suitable for every site therefore the cost can vary. The cost covers the buying, planting and aftercare of the tree and any ceremony at the time of planting. If you would like more information please email us

Important notes

  • We will always provide and plant the tree
  • When donating a tree there are no rights or influence over the future management of it. We take responsibility for all future care and management, and will make sure that proper maintenance is carried out
  • We will not guarantee any tree will survive to full maturity and will not be responsible for any replacement costs deemed negligent on our part, due to things beyond our control.