Give notice

A notice of marriage or civil partnership is a legal declaration which must be given individually by each of you in person.

A notice is venue specific and valid for 12 months from the date the notice is given, so before booking an appointment you should decide where and when you would like your ceremony and made a provisional booking with the venue and/or the registration service.

If, after giving notice, you change the ceremony venue or the date is moved beyond 12 months from the date of your appointment, you must give a new notice and pay the fees again.

There are different requirements depending on your nationality

  • British, Irish and EEA citizens that have EU Settlement Scheme status (EUSS) or applied for it before 30 June 2021
  • Non-EEA nationals and EEA citizens without EU Settlement Scheme status (EUSS)

Your notice must be displayed publicly for 28 clear days before a marriage or civil partnership schedule can be issued.  However, if one or both parties is subject to immigration control, this legal wait period may be extended, by the Home Office, to 70 days.

  • Both British, Irish or EEA citizens with EUSS status
  • One or both are non-EEA nationals or EEA citizens without EUSS status

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