The formalities both before and during the marriage Ceremony are straightforward. There are a number of points that you will need to know, especially those relating to legal requirements.

Marriage schedule

When the 28-day waiting period following your notice has expired we will print and issue your Marriage Schedule at Torbay Register Office. This is the legal document needed in order for you to marry which you will sign after the ceremony. 


You will need to ask two people if they will witness your marriage. These may be friends or relatives. They should be over the age of sixteen and be able to understand the Ceremony.  There is no need for them to be worried about this. All they have to do is to sign the Marriage Schedule.

Please note that no guests other than your two witnesses will be admitted.


Please arrive in good time for your appointment, ideally twenty minutes before. This helps us and any other couples who are having ceremonies on the same day. If you arrive late, it is possible that the Superintendent Registrar will need to reschedule your ceremony to take place at a later date.  It is important that you and your witnesses access the library through the main entrance and report to the reception desk.

When your party has arrived, the Registrar will see you in private to check the details on the Marriage Schedule.

We will ask you to give the details of your natural or adopted parents’ full names and occupations. We record this in the Schedule and on your Certificate.

Photographs and videos

You or your witnesses are very welcome to bring cameras to record the occasion.

If you wish to video your ceremony, please let the Superintendent Registrar know before we start. We can then direct the person filming to the most suitable position.

The Ceremony

There is no need to be nervous or worried about the Ceremony.  It is quite simple. Don’t forget, the Superintendent Registrar is there to help and guide you through all you say and do.

Once your witnesses are seated the Superintendent Registrar will say a few words of welcome and then ask you, as part of the Ceremony, to reply to the following:

Groom/Partner 1 first

.... will you take .... here present to be your lawful wedded partner/wife/husband.

You will then be asked in turn to repeat the following.

"I do solemnly declare that I know not

of any lawful impediment why I

(say your full name)

may not be joined in matrimony to

(say your partner's full name)”

Then the Bride/Partner 2 will do the same.

Then you both repeat the contracting words:

"I call upon these persons here present

to witness that I (say full name)

do take thee

(repeat your partners full name)

to be my lawful wedded partner/wife/husband."

Rings may be exchanged.

Registering your marriage

After you have made your Marriage Contract, the Registrar will ask you to sign the Marriage Schedule followed by your witnesses.  You sign in the name by which you were known before the Ceremony.

It is very important that you check the content and spelling on the Schedule. By signing the Schedule, you are confirming that all the information is correct. If you later notice an error that requires correcting, you will have to pay a fee of £90.

Finally, both the Superintendent and the Registrar sign the schedule. We will add the details on the schedule to the electronic register. Your certificate can then be issued. We may ask you to wait for the registration to be completed and the certificate issued. If this is not possible, we will post your certificate to you as soon as possible.


You are welcome to use confetti outside of the building.

Car Parks

Paignton Library has a pay-and-display car parks at the rear of the building for you and your witnesses to use.