The current processing time for new applications and changes to benefit claims is an average of 6 weeks.

If you contact us with a general enquiry online we will reply to you within two working days.

You can only make a new claim for Housing Benefit if you meet one of the following criteria: 

  • You are single and of state pension credit qualifying age, or
    Part of a couple and are both of state pension credit qualifying age, or
    Part of a couple and been continuously receiving Pension Credit since at least 14/05/19
    You can find your Pension Credit qualifying age using Check your State Pension age  Opens in a new window
  • Qualify for the severe disability premium  Opens in a new window and receiving Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, Jobseekers Allowance or Housing Benefit or one of these benefits has ended in the last month
  • Live in supported accommodation
  • Have been placed in temporary accommodation by the Local Authority

If not you need to claim Universal Credit  Opens in a new window  for help with paying your rent.

Income and savings

  • If entitlement to any other benefit begins or ends for anyone in your home
  • Any changes to income for anyone in your home
  • Increase or decrease in the amount of you or your partner's savings, capital and investments if you are 
    • Working age and you and your partner hold capital over £5500
    • Pension age and you and your partner hold capital over £9500
  • Sale of any residential property you own or part own

Changes in your household 

  • Somebody moves in or out of your home
  • You start or stop letting part of your home to someone who pays rent
  • You start paying, stop paying or there are changes to the amount of child care you pay
  • You, your partner or your child starts or finishes full-time education, including university courses
  • You or somebody in your household goes to prison or is on remand
  • You or your partner are away from home and don't plan to return within four weeks

Changes to your tenancy

  • You move home
  • Your rent goes up or down
  • Your landlord changes
  • You receive a new tenancy agreement
  • The conditions of your tenancy change e.g. if you start or stop paying for services as part of your tenancy (gas, electricity, water rates etc).